07 Jul 2009 13:09
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Pros and cons of electric grill

The electric grill usually enjoys the same fame and spread of a traditional grill (not electric), so that often in the families you have both. To use them you do not need a flame or a plate, but simply to an electrical outlet.
Usually they are equipped with two separate plates (that have the same grooved design of traditional plates) that can be closed on the steak, then cooking it in a uniform manner on both sides, for an almost perfect cooking. Most modern models of electric griddles are equipped with such devices eliminates odors and smoke-eating. Also they have to consider the following points in favor and against it:
1. They require no fat in addition for cooking.
2. Reduce odor and especially the smoke;
3. It has only the power outlet needs in order to function;
4. It allows you to cook evenly without having to turn the meat;
5. Usually it is cumbersome.
The most common disadvantage among all types of electric griddles consists in the maintenance of odors, since they may not be used detergents in suitable quantity to eliminate them, these tend to be sedimented. For this reason are not recommended cooking meat and fish on the same plate. Betterhave two of then, maybe purchasing them further over time.

Which are the best electric grill?

When came out the first models of electric griddles was not possible to select the operating temperature. Conversely, you could just turn it on and bring them to full power. Since that time, however, many years have passed and today the electric griddles have different characteristics and offer the possibility to adjust the cooking temperature of the food. In accordance with the offer and the quality / price ratio of these griddles, I suggest you to take a look at this page, since they ranked much of the electric griddles available on the market basing on the customer client.


Among the most important innovations of modern electric griddles, there is obviously the possibility of adjusting the cooking temperature of the meat or fish. Some of them also have preset for the selection of the most suitable temperature. This is a significant advantage over older models, where you had to be careful to cooking and continuously check that your nice steak not carbonize. Then, according to the information you find the, basing on the size best suited to your needs, the power you desire, if you like try tp draw your own ranking too.


Maintenance of electric griddles is crucial for their durability. You can remove the excess fat with a wet cloth and wrung out. Then the anointed do slightly heat the plate and when it is still warm hover over half lemon. It always works. If it is so caked you can use vinegar or baking soda (always on the damp cloth).

If plates are based in iron, the one with the grooves, to avoid using the water and the formation of rust you should clean it immediately after use with coarse salt and cloth, and then grease it out with a little oil until next time, if you pass the kitchen sponge on the warm plate, fat will go away immediately. Some marketers advise you to go after a bit of damp paper towel with a little oil. I advise you to clean it with a damp sponge and dry it with kitchen roll.

If very caked can pour in a little water (just to cover the bottom) and leave a little soak. Remove the plug and passing sheets of paper towel to remove all the fat and then wiped with vinegar also will disappear the anointed. When you should use to keep it free, to use aluminum foil on both sides. If it is very dirty take it to the maximum temperature. Then with a wet sponge to clean the "caramelized" fat in this way the dirt will come off in a moment, if you do not clean perfectly can repeat this operation.

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